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July 31, 2012 / erostositko

Dining Out With a Baby

Ever since the birth of our son last month, our restaurant adventures have been limited, replaced with the joys of diaper changes, 3 a.m. feedings and much-needed naps for baby and parents.

Besides one time when Mom and Dad snuck out just the two of us, we’ve taken Baby Julien along with us to a few restaurants with success.

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June 1, 2012 / erostositko

Annoying Restaurant Trends

Earlier this year, Zagat revealed its list of “The 10 Most Annoying Restaurant Trends.”

Among those that I wholeheartedly agree with:

Tables Ridiculously Close Together. It’s not only a space problem. I hate sitting so close to the next table that it feels like we’re all eating together. Forget having a private conversation or being spared having to listen to the couple next to you argue.

Designer Ice. Have you been to any of these overly pretentious bars that serve their drinks with giant cubes, hand carved from enormous ice blocks. Yes, I guess it keeps the drink from being watered-down (especially if you’re paying $12 and up a pop).

Unisex Restrooms. They just cause confusion for everyone, and sometimes women (and men, I can only assume) need their own space to freshen up.

Other annoying trends on the list include: dogs in cafes, enormous wine glasses, ketchup snobbery and wood-infused food.

What do you find most unbearable when eating out?


May 15, 2012 / erostositko

How Important is Service?

How often to go to some of your favorite restaurants, knowing that the service stinks, but the food is great? Or alternatively, will you eat mediocre food at a place where everybody knows your name and the bartender always has “your” drink ready when you arrive?

It’s a no-brainer that if the food and service are both lousy, we’re never going to return again. But it’s pretty rare when a restaurant’s service is so exceptional that the quality of the meal is considered a pleasant bonus.

We had such an experience on Saturday at Talula’s Garden, the Stephen Starr restaurant on Washington Square run by Aimee Olexy. Read more…

March 31, 2012 / erostositko

Restaurant Review Roundup

I’ve fallen behind in posting reviews of some of the restaurants we’ve tried in the past few months. Here are just a few of the highlights.

The BYOB sushi restaurant Bluefin has moved to a new location in the Northtowne Shopping Center in East Norriton. We had heard so many raves about this place, and tried several times to get a reservation at their older, smaller location, with no success. We tried our luck on a recent Saturday, and were able to be seated for dinner. Read more…

February 21, 2012 / erostositko

A Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese Friendship Gate

It’s the year of the dragon, and this year Chinese New Year fell on January 23.  But rather than a just a one-night party, the celebrations last for a month or more. If you visit your favorite Chinese restaurant, you may still find a number of Chinese New year’s specials.   Read more…

January 13, 2012 / erostositko

Where Have I Been?

Back in August, I had mentioned that we sold my house and moved to Matt’s in Norristown. Well, since then we sold that house, and have moved again! Our third address in less than six months.

The good news is we found a great house in a wonderful and convenient location. And the neighbors are awesome, too!

We’ve been spending much more time in Lowe’s and Home Depot than dining out,

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October 11, 2011 / erostositko

California Wine Country

Cousins Jenn, Karen, and me at Half Moon Bay

Back in August, my cousin Jenn, Matt, and I headed to Northern California to visit family and friends. Here are some of the culinary and photographic highlights of our trip:


Refuge – Belgian beer and pastrami in San Carlos.

Schramsberg – a sparkling winery in Calistoga.

Chateau Montelena – famous for putting California chardonnay on the map, also in Calistoga.

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