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July 31, 2012 / erostositko

Dining Out With a Baby

Ever since the birth of our son last month, our restaurant adventures have been limited, replaced with the joys of diaper changes, 3 a.m. feedings and much-needed naps for baby and parents.

Besides one time when Mom and Dad snuck out just the two of us, we’ve taken Baby Julien along with us to a few restaurants with success.

If you’re thinking about taking a new baby out to eat, look for places that are loud (babies like noise, plus the sounds will drown him out if he decides to cry) and casual (obviously, fine dining and infants don’t mix well.) Also, if the weather is nice, go to a place with outdoor seating. Keep the baby in his stroller and if he gets fussy, you can take a spin around the block. One other strategy we’ve found helpful is to head out right after the baby has eaten. Then he’ll fall asleep in the car and won’t be hungry again until you get back home.

A few weeks ago, our family of three had an early dinner at Iron Hill Brewery in Chestnut Hill.  We were seated towards the back of the restaurant in an area with a bunch of other families with small children. This was fine with us, and I’m sure the rest of the diners appreciated it as well. The hostess also set up this nifty sling device to hold the baby carrier. Julien slept peacefully the entire time.

Another hit is Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting, especially in warm weather months when the rooftop cafe is open. On Thursday evenings, they have a happy hour featuring tacos, beer and live music.

Next week is our anniversary, and we are planning to take Julien with us for dinner in the city. We chose Garces Trading Company because it’s casual (but excellent food) and we can sit outside. Hopefully it’ll be a successful trip.

Stay tuned next year for “Dining Out With a Toddler!”


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