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April 6, 2011 / erostositko

Back to School

Last weekend I was at the King of Prussia Mall, and since I can’t pass up a kitchen store, I spent a considerable amount of time in Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma. (On a side note, after seeing many of the same items at both stores, I was beginning to think they were one in the same. But a quick Internet search just told me they are in fact owned by different companies. Do some comparison shopping, and you’ll find that Sur La Table carries many of the items at lower prices than WS.)

I don’t buy much (I’d rather use my coupons to buy at Macy’s or Bed Bath and Beyond), but I love to look around!   While exploring the assortment of kitchen gadgets at Sur La Table, I noticed that people were heading to the back of the store for a cooking class. I had no idea they had this big, beautiful kitchen with 16 stations, and a full schedule of classes.

Check out their calendar, and there’s something scheduled almost every day for a variety of different tastes and skill levels. I’m already eyeing up “Fresh and Flavorful Pastas” on April 22, and “Great Restaurant Recipes of New York ” on April 29, to name a few. The prices aren’t bad for a two hour class that includes a meal (and I’m guessing leftovers). It’s certainly much cheaper than the class I took at the Culinary Institute of America last year (but I thought that was worth it, too!)


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