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February 3, 2011 / erostositko

There’s a Chill in the Air…

…and it’s not just outside. Have you noticed that a lot of the smaller restaurants, cafes, and bistros are not well equipped for winter weather?

It began back in November, before there was any snow on the ground or below freezing temps. We had dinner on a rather brisk fall evening at Tiffin in Bryn Mawr. Seated right in front of the door, we had to keep our coats on for the entire meal (not that was anywhere else to put them anyway). With no vestibule, or double entry door, or even a heavy curtain around the doorway as some restaurants have found to be a viable solution, cold air rushes straight into the dining room every time the door opens.

The manager at Tiffin felt awful and couldn’t be more apologetic. He even gave us a samosa appetizer on the house. We haven’t been back yet, and I wonder if they have done something to rectify the problem.

Tiffin wasn’t the only place we ate in the cold or had to sit on our coats. I had similar experiences recently at Barbuzzo, Teresa’s, and a great breakfast place in Baltimore called Blue Moon Cafe.

These small restaurants were all crowded each time we visited, so I guess they’re trying to utilize as much space as possible. But they should probably consider an alternative plan in winter to keep the cold air from freezing customers out.



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  1. Bottle Wonderland / Feb 21 2011 7:18 am

    We went to a local eatery this weekend and encountered the same problem. Our table was the closest to the door and we were constantly battered by cool breezes. It became worse as it got more crowded and the door was held open for long periods. I noticed other diners eating with their coats on.


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